You can’t help but experience contrast, so you

You can’t help but experience contrast, so you can’t help but ask. And since you can’t help but ask—and anything you ask for is given—then there is no real learning going on. If there is any price to pay, or if there is any giving back something, it must be in this category of finally bringing yourself into vibrational alignment with what you’re asking for. You’ve got to be a vibrational match to what you’re asking for.— Abraham


love without conditions

Living with another person
often pushes your deepest buttons
and sets off
unexpected explosions. 
Your fears simply cannot stay hidden.
It isn’t always pleasant business.
If you expect it to be pleasant all of the
timethen you will be sadly disappointed.
Every relationship moves
from romance to realism,
to the depths of despair.
Couples fall from
grace just as individuals do.
Couples who face their demons
and walk through their fears
win a decisive battle against their own ignorance.
They integrate the shadow,
transcend the limits they have
placed on love, 
and learn how to love without conditions.  –  Paul Ferrini

All change is change for the better. There is

All change is change for the better. There is no such thing as “change for the worse.” Change is the process of Life Itself, and that process could be called by the name “evolution.” And evolution moves in only one direction: forward, and toward improvement.  Therefore, when change visits your life, you can be sure  things are turning for the better. It may not look that way in the very moment change arrives, but if you will wait a while and have faith in the process, you will see that this is true.

Neale Donalkd Walsch

“Acknowledging Your Fear” by Paul Ferrini

“Even if your fears are silly, you still need to acknowledge them. Saying “I’m scared” when you feel scared is being emotionally congruent.  Pretending not to be scared when you are terrified is emotionally incongruent .If you make friends with your fear, you may find that it subsides by itself. If not, then you need to keep acknowledging it and being gentle with yourself. You can’t force yourself not to be afraid. That strategy generally creates more fear.”
Remember to breathe…….
In the love of Spirit,
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